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Earn Higher Yield
DeFi offers better yield opportunities than the traditional finance world--50% or higher APR
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Diversify your Holdings
Invest in multiple liquidity pools which lowers your portfolio risk profile
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Easy to Use
Stake one time into our auto-balancing portfolio, then track your investments across DeFi from one place

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OpenWorld Portfolios

Access a diverse mix of earning opportunities across markets through our professionally designed portfolios. Read more

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Custom Portfolio


Create a personalized portfolio of income-generating assets. We offer a wide selection to match your goals. Read more


Generate income on your assets with our secure lending platform. User-friendly interface and competitive rates. Read more

AssetAPRTotal SupplyTotal BorrowedUtilization

Liquidity Pool Farming

Grow your portfolio with automated tools like reinvesting and customizable settings. Adjust based on your preferences. Read more

PoolMax APRTVLMax Leverage

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